My Audio Pet Splash Bluetooth Speaker Rocktopod The Octopus

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  • Description
    • IPX7 waterproof - waterproof version of the cutest and best speakers in the world! Perfect for bath time, pool, beach, singing in the rain or anywhere else you might get wet. They float too!
    • Bigger and better - Splash Pets are twice the size, twice the power, twice the tea and twice the rock of other My Audio pets.
    • Sound beyond measure - amazing sound of 5 watts per speaker. A true wireless stereo experience - 10W L/R channels combined with another SPLASH pet. Rechargeable battery - 1000mAh battery provides 6-8 hours of operation.
    • Patented Design - Irresistibly fun and whimsical animal designs featuring the world's most beloved marine life.
    • Easy Bluetooth connection - connects to a smartphone, tablet and most devices that support Bluetooth. SELFIE REMOTE: You can use your pet's power button to trigger the shutter on your phone's camera app when connected via Bluetooth.