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Despite its name, the Universal Serial Bus (USB), is far from universal. However, at the time engineers felt that the USB would become the most widely used connective device. As tech giants like Apple and Samsung go thinner and more compact with their devices, the traditional USB became nearly obsolete, hence the introduction of the USB-C.

Easily recognizable, the USB-C cable features a small oval shape that makes it ideal for charging thinner and more compact devices. Narrow enough to fit the most recent generation of phones, the USB-C has quickly become the most adopted connective cable on the market.

USB-C connectors are known for their impressive power and speed! Use them to quickly power up your device and even to transfer power from one device to another. Charge laptops, phones, tablets, and small devices rapidly!

USB-C Cables: The New Universal Standard

Recently, there’s been a push by the European Union to make the USB-C a required standard for mobile devices. Companies like Apple were resistant to the adoption of the USB-C port, however, with this new regulation, their new devices will begin using USB-C cables and ports. The adoption of the USB-C in the EU will undoubtedly be felt in Canada and the USA as this cable becomes the new universal standard.

Convenient 1 Meter Long USB-C Cables

Charge your devices from across the room! Roll over in bed or charge your phone from the couch with the convenience of a 1 meter long USB-C cable. Standard factory cables that come with your devices are short, limiting your experience and convenience. Experience the freedom of an extended-length cord that is so long it practically feels cordless!

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