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Looking for a convenient way to charge up your phone? At Nanoshop, our selection includes power banks, wireless chargers, and USB-C and USB-A chargers. Live your life worry-free with a fully juiced-up device and versatile accessories.

Wall Chargers and Universal Compatibility for Charging Anywhere

Boost up your phone with our selection of wall chargers. Wall chargers are the block that connects your phone charger to the wall to power it up. Whether you have a USB-A or USB-C cable, our selection has it all. We even carry versatile options with both USB-A and USB-C outlets so that you can share the power with your friends and family.

For world travellers, it can be confusing knowing which outlets are required to keep your devices powered up. With universal wall chargers, you can travel the world with your devices, worry-free. With outlets that you can swap in and out, you’ll enjoy a fully charged device as you travel across the globe.

Power Banks for On-The-Go Power

Wireless phone chargers are a must-have for those with active lifestyles. Whether you’re heading out for a beach day or planning on being out all day while travelling, power banks are the ultimate phone charger to keep your devices powered up outside of the home. Our selection includes a variety of power banks with differing mAh units to best suit your needs. We even offer fashionable Kate Spade power banks that combine utility and style.

Experience Universal Power with our Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless chargers provide universal compatibility. Charge your watch, phone, or tablet without having to worry about plugging in multiple devices or swapping out charging cables. Pick up a wireless phone charger for a sleek, wire-free look that eliminates clutter and allows for universal charging.

Shop our selection of phone chargers today at Nanoshop!

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