iPhone XR


Shop our selection of stylish iPhone XR cases right here at Nanoshop!

At Nanoshop, we know that your phone is just as much a fashion accessory, as it is functional. As something you carry with you and use all day, it’s important to ensure it is protected, without sacrificing style!

Our fashion cases feature trendy designs for the iPhone XR from top brands, including Ideal of Sweden!

Slim, stylish, and protective. Our iPhone XR cases give your phone the protection it needs, without adding bulk! Because we know it’s important that you’re able to slip your phone into your pocket or stash it in your mini handbag with ease.

Our selection has been carefully curated to include current styles that deliver on both style and protection. Shop our collection of fashionable iPhone XR cases today at Nanoshop!


Will a fashion case protect my phone from damage when dropped?

While we aren’t affiliated with the brands we carry, we’ve carefully selected a range of iPhone XR cases that are designed to deliver both protection and style.

Our Ideal of Sweden cases, for example, feature a raised edge to add an extra layer of protection to the screen in cases where you drop your phone face down.

Are iPhone XR phone cases compatible with other iPhone models?

No. In short, an iPhone XR case is designed to be worn solely on the iPhone XR model. However, some have had success putting an iPhone XR case on their iPhone 11. The model of the phone is very similar, with only slight differences in the camera configuration.

At Nanoshop, we recommend you only use a case that is designed to be worn on your specific phone model. Our site offers a wide selection of cases for all models of iPhones!