Explore our Selection of Phone Mounts

Mount your phone and experience the convenience of going hands-free. Our selection of phone mounts allows you to attach your phone to your laptop, tablet, or even car vent. Wherever you need to go hands-free, our selection offers a device that’ll make it happen.

Car Phone Mounts: For Safety and Convenience

Keep your device in place while you’re driving, avoid getting fined, and drive safely with our car phone mounts! Need to use the maps on your phone to navigate? Mount your phone where you can see it and benefit from convenient navigation at a glance. For long commutes, road trips, and day-to-day driving, car phone mounts are a must-have accessory for both safety and convenience.

Mount Your iPhone to Use Continuity Camera Features

Get the most out of your devices by using a Magsafe Continuity Camera Mount! Mount your iPhone securely to your Mac computer and harness the power of Apple’s newest IOS feature. Continuity camera features allow you to video, Facetime, conference, take pictures, or even scan documents on your Mac by using the camera from your iPhone.

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Will the magnet on my car phone mount ruin my phone battery?

No! You don’t have to worry about magnet phone mounts ruining your phone battery. The magnets used in our car phone mounts are not strong enough to harm the health of your phone battery.

Will the magnet on my car phone mount affect the wireless charging of my device?

Again, the magnets used for magnet phone mounts will not damage your phone or impact its ability to wirelessly charge. Despite being strong enough to effectively mount your device, these magnets are far from being strong enough to damage your phone!