Screen Protectors

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Smart devices deserve protection. Even the smallest drop or bump can leave your device’s screen scratched, cracked, or even shattered. Our selection of screen protectors includes clear and matte, as well as privacy screen options. At Nanoshop, we know how important it is to protect your devices! Discover our selection today.

Shield your Devices with Screen Protectors

Glass screen protectors provide the best protection for your screen, without sacrificing screen quality and resolution. When it comes to colour and clarity, clear finish glass screen protectors come out on top. And, while there are many high-quality plastic options, our selection of clear screen protectors includes tempered glass options for phones and tablets to provide maximum protection and coverage.

Matte Screen Protectors for Smudge Resistant Protection

When using your smart devices outdoors, glare and reflections can get in the way of your viewing experience. With matte screen protectors, you can say goodbye to glare. Matte screen protectors are a great option for those that frequently use their devices outdoors. Not only that, but they’re also incredibly scratch and smudge resistant. Fingerprints and smudges have no place on matte screen protectors. Our selection includes tempered glass matte screen protectors for durability and glare-free protection.

Privacy Screen Protectors for Discreet Browsing

Discreetly browse your devices with the protection of a privacy screen protector. Protected and easily visible to you and only you. Privacy screens allow you to use and browse your devices without worrying about lingering eyes on your screen. While you browse, nobody else can see your screen. Privacy screens also prevent eye strain by filtering and reducing the amount of blue light that your eyes are exposed to. At Nanoshop, our selection offers high-quality tempered glass privacy screen protectors that protect both your phone screen and sensitive information.