iPhone 11

Explore Nanoshop’s iPhone 11 Case Selection

At Nanoshop, we know how important it is to protect your device! iPhones are expensive, that’s why we carry a variety of stylish and protective phone cases.

From Otterbox Commuter cases to 2 in 1 folio cases, and stylish marble fashion cases. Our collection of cases has something for everyone.

For the iPhone user requiring maximum drop protection with simple but efficient design elements, Otterbox cases are a great option. Being one of the leading originators of protection-focused phone case designs, Otterbox Commuter cases are the workhorse ride-or-die case you need.

But we aren’t just about offering maximum protection cases, our selection also includes stylish options that combine form and function. Our 2 in 1 iPhone 11 folio cases double as both a phone case and a wallet, all the while looking sleek and professional. Our Gel Skin and Port Laurent Marble iPhone 11 cases allow you to show off your style and personality without adding cumbersome bulk.

Shop our collection of iPhone 11 cases today here at Nanoshop!


Why do some iPhone 11 cases indicate that they are for both iPhone 11 and XR models?

Some iPhone 11 cases are compatible with the iPhone XR. However, it is important to recognize that this is not true for all cases. These two iPhone models are very similar, with the main difference being the camera configuration. iPhone 11 cases that are labelled as 11/XR have been designed to suit both styles of iPhones.

So, when you’re browsing our site for a new phone case, or even shopping in-store, make sure you see your phone model listed on the case's packaging!