Discover our Selection of Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, and Smart Assistants!

Nanoshop is proud to offer a wide variety of Bluetooth devices! Whether you’re looking for a high-quality speaker to play some tunes at home, a smart assistant that does it all, or a pair of headphones that will allow you to escape into your own world, we’ve got it all.

Our selection of headphones includes affordable options from JBuds, wireless Bluetooth options from Go Air, as well as high-end Bluetooth open-ear headphones from Shokz.

Shokz OpenRun headphones are known for having redefined the headphone game. They feature open-ear listening, meaning there is neither an earbud in the ear nor a headphone covering the ear. The open-ear technology projects sound into the ear through bone conduction with premium sound precision and base. They’re also water-resistant and grip your ears for worry-free wear during runs and intense workouts!

For the kids, we offer a wide range of My Audio Pet animal Bluetooth speakers. With their lovable and adorable pet designs, built-in speaker and microphone, and even the ridiculously fun Hide and Speak app. It’s fun, interactive, and BPA and Phylathate-free, meaning it’s totally safe for playtime with your little ones. We’re proud to offer a wide range of adorable land animals and even some waterproof sea animals for bath time!

If you’re looking for a Smart Assistant, we’ve got you covered. With the 2nd generation Nest Mini, you’ll have all the knowledge of Google at the command of your voice!

Shop our Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and smart assistants today, with options for the whole family right here at Nanoshop!


Can Bluetooth headphones and speakers be paired with both IOS and Android devices?

Yes, of course! Bluetooth devices are compatible with all operating systems, therefore you should have no problem pairing them with both your IOS and Android devices.

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