iPad 7/8/9

Shop our Selection of Stylish iPad Cases

At Nanoshop, we know how important it is to protect your devices! Our selection includes iPad cases for the 7/8/9 models that combine functional versatility with stylish designs!

Ipads have large display areas which are extremely vulnerable to damage from drops and bumps. That’s why, it’s important to invest in a quality iPad case! The right iPad case can also seriously improve your user experience. With the right design features, iPad cases can transform the way you use your device.

At Nanoshop, our selection includes stylish leatherette cases, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) protective cases, as well as a variety of fashion cases. Our leatherette cases are timeless and classic, whilst also looking professional. For the business person or student, our leatherette cases are a slim and stylish way to trek your Ipad to class or the office. UAG cases are ideal for those looking to maximize protection. Drops, bumps, and knicks don’t stand a chance against the protection these cases provide. Lastly, our selection includes fashion cases in dynamic designs like camouflage, marble, galaxy, and more! Express your personal style with our diverse selection of fashion cases in a variety of colorways.

iPad cases provide protection while improving user experience. Whether it be a folding design that doubles as a tripod, or a smart cover, our selection of iPad cases offers limitless functions. Discover our iPad 7/8/9 cases today for designs that marry functionality with style!


Do the iPad 7/8/9 all use the same case?

Yes! In designing all three generations (7/8/9), Apple maintained the same size and positioning of outlets and buttons. So, your iPad cases for the 7th and 8th generations will be compatible with the 9th generation of iPad as well, hence why these cases are listed as iPad 7/8/9!

What is a Smart Cover for Ipad cases?

Smart covers are covers that typically attach to your iPad via magnets. When flipped over the screen they put your iPad to sleep. Smart Covers are a common choice because of their convenience factor and their ability to be used as a tripod. Many of our iPad 7/8/9 cases come equipped with a Smart Cover, making them versatile, stylish, and convenient!