Here’s What to Do if You’ve Cracked Your Phone Screen

So, you’ve cracked your phone screen? We all know how it happens, your phone slips, you fumble, try to catch it as it falls, and then it hits the ground face down. You sense a looming feeling and don’t even want to pick it up to assess the damage. 

Sometimes we get lucky, we pick up our phone and there’s no damage. Other times, however, it’s cracked or worse shattered. A few colourful words later and you’ve landed here, on our blog, reading through your cracked screen in search of a solution for your now broken screen.

Before you air out your frustrations and start trying to DIY fix your screen, let’s cover a few basics. Beginning with why phone screens crack so easily, despite the devices being so expensive. 

Why Do Screens Break So Easily?

How to Fix a Smartphone or Tablet's Broken Screen

We get it, a device that costs $1000 on the low end and $2000 for a top-of-the-line option should not crack so easily! 

So, why do they break so easily?

For starters, most smartphones today, whether it be an iPhone or an Android typically comes with a massive display screen. As we max out the size of our phone screens by stretching them to the edges of the device, opting for slim edges and nearly bezel-less screens, it’s no wonder they’re so vulnerable to cracking. And, while the integrity of smartphone screens has improved significantly over the last few years, we aren’t quite there yet in the durability department. 

When you drop your phone the force of impact and shock alone are enough to stress the screen and cause it to crack or shatter. Our recommendation? Though it may be too little too late, you should always protect your phone screen with a high-quality phone case and screen protector

What To Do To Your Cracked Screen Immediately After 

Why Is Phone Screen Repair So Common | North GA Cell Phone Repair

Here’s what to do directly after breaking your screen. Broken screens can vary in severity, from a simple crack to spider web like patterns, and even chunks of glass missing. Depending on your level of damage, you’ll want to take different measures to repair your screen, or at least make it usable.

Start by placing your phone on a flat surface and taking a good look at your phone. Shine a flashlight over your broken screen if you need to and don’t be shy! If you need to tap around to test its integrity, then tap away.  After all, it needs to be able to withstand typing and tapping of all kinds. 

If your screen is seriously damaged, the first thing you should do is back up your data. Whether that means backing it up to your computer or a cloud, it’s important that you store your photos, videos, and contacts somewhere safe just in case the device dies beyond repair.

4 Approaches to Phone Screen Repair

Here are 4 approaches to phone screen repair. In general, we recommend choosing the solution that best fits your budget and desired level of repair, albeit some are a lot more professional than others!

Option #1: Using Masking Tape

RED Double Sided Super Sticky Heavy Duty Adhesive Tape For Cell Phone Repair  | eBay

Okay, we get it this option is a bit shanty. But, if your screen has just broken and you’re simply looking to get by before eventually getting the screen replaced or the device replaced, then it really isn’t a terrible option. Taping your screen will reduce the potential loss of chunks of glass or worse slicing up your finger. If you tape your screen up carefully and use an x-acto knife to trim off the edges, it can look almost as good as a screen protector. Again, this is a TEMPORARY fix.

Option #2: Apply a Screen Protector

What Kind of Screen Protector Should I Get for My Phone? | PCMag

This version is slightly more elegant than the masking tape option. Using a screen protector to cover a cracked phone screen is a great option for minor cracks. If there are chunks of glass falling out, don’t bother. But if your cracked screen resembles a simple line or two, then placing a screen protector over it is a great way to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse. You might even forget your screen is broken! 

Option #3: Enlist Professional Help

Here is the most expensive but effective option, taking it to a professional! Having your phone screen repaired by a professional is the best way to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Although this option is more expensive than others, it’s the only option we’ve listed that’s a permanent fix. A professional phone repair shop will know exactly how to remove your screen and replace it with a new one so that your device looks and feels as good as new! 

Pro tip: look at reviews! Make sure that the shop you’re taking your phone to is legit. At Nanoshop, our Google and Facebook reviews speak for themselves. Our customers trust our work and have had amazing results with our repairs.

Option #4: Take it to Your Provider

Last one! Check your phone warranty. Oftentimes, when you buy your phone from the provider, it comes with a warranty. If your phone is still under warranty, you may be able to return it to your provider for a repair, free of charge. Similarly, if you have AppleCare, taking it to the Apple store for a free fix is a no-brainer.


In the frustrating aftermath of a cracked phone screen, the quest for a solution leads you here. The vulnerability of today's smartphones, with their expansive screens and slim edges, makes them prone to damage despite their hefty price tags. The impact of a fall can turn your prized device into a shattered disappointment. As you navigate the immediate aftermath, backing up your data becomes crucial. From makeshift solutions like masking tape to the elegance of applying a screen protector, and the assurance of professional help or warranty coverage, choices abound. In the end, whether you opt for a temporary fix or invest in a lasting solution, safeguarding your device in the future remains key! 

At Nanoshop, we offer a wide range of phone cases, screen protectors, and even repair services. Discover our selection and services for all of your mobile screen protection and repair needs.