iPhone 13 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement Green

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  • Description
    • Brand New and Premium Quality: OEM Replacement Part(Back Glass Shell/Battery Cover/Rear Glass Panel) compatible with your iPhone 13 Pro Max. This OEM Replacement Back Glass/Door will repair the cracked, damaged, and scratched iPhone. Restore the device to new. The broken Back Glass looks ugly and is dangerous too. The Replacement Back Glass is the most affordable and quickest way to get your iPhone to look new again.
    • Compatibility: Compatible with A2643 (International), A2484 (USA), A2641 (Canada, Japan), A2644 (China, Hong Kong), and A2645 (Russia). Compatible only with iPhone 13 Pro Max (Excludes iPhone 13 mini, 13, and 13 Pro).
    • Bigger Camera Hole: There is no need to remove the camera lens as the new Back Glass comes with a bigger camera hole. To save time and avoid damaging the Rear Camera Module in the process of removing the lens and causing additional costs, the camera hole on the iPhone back glass replacement is designed to be slightly larger than the original one. After removing all the glass fragments from the old Back Glass, the new Back Glass can be directly installed in the frame of the iPhone.
    • Quality: The quality is the same as the Original. The Wireless Charging Feature of the iPhone will work absolutely fine without giving any trouble. It features full perspective, 1:1 original size, 100% size-fit, and the same color as the Original. and it's constructed with the same material as the original iPhone's Rear Glass Panel, made from Glass panels compressed and fused at very high pressure with controlled temperatures(Industrial Standards) using Press Plates.
    • DIY(Do-It-Yourself) Repair: Please do not try DIY Repair unless and until you are a professional in repairing work or have done such DIY projects before. We are not responsible for any damage caused during the repair work. The Original Back Glass is embedded or fused into the motherboard frame. Getting the old Back Glass off is the hardest part of this entire process. Even professionals need hours to complete the task.