iPhone XR Back Glass Replacement Pink

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  • Glass Back Panel - Coral Pink - For iPhone XR Please note; This part does not come with any other internal parts pre-fitted.With smartphones becoming more and more high-tech, the price tag for repairs has been growing alongside. There's no surprise that people are turning to cheaper alternatives than Apple-authorised repair centres. This replacement back panel is the perfect, high-quality replacement piece to substitute to broken/damaged glass on your iPhone XR.Is this part an Apple original piece/OEM? To put it simply, no, it is not. This is because Apple does not provide replacement Apple parts to any companies other than Apple-authorised service centres. They do not provide replacement parts to re-sellers. There are no logos on the photos, will there be on the product? You cannot legally use an Apple logo on a product without the express permission of Apple, as this logo is trademarked. iParts4u do not believe in putting our customers or ourselves at risk of legal proceedings.Please see our full range of iPhone XR Parts, which can be found here. Compatible with: iPhone XR - A1984, A2105, A2106, A2107, A2108What's Included:1 x For iPhone XR - Rear Glass Back Cover with Camera Lens - Black**DISCLAIMER: ** This product is not made by Apple and is a replacement part made for aftermarket repairs. Please do not confuse this product with something which Apple has manufactured. Apple does not sell products to any Third Party Company for repair, and claiming a product is original, or an OEM could confuse a customer.