iPhone XR Back Glass Replacement Red

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  • Description
  • Are your hands always slippery and your Apple iPhone XR got out of your hands and fell? Your smart phone got damaged in a bad way and became useless. Don’t worry anymore. 

    If the back housing of your Phone is damaged, then don’t worry it can be replaced. Sometimes it’s known as the rear glass or the rear battery cover. If you don’t use a phone case, then this rear housing can become scratched quite quickly.

    In this world, the mobile phone becomes a part of every people. They need a mobile phone for every minute activity. We access the mobile every minute, so we happen to drop them by mistake or it gets scratched, broken, fractured or marked by regular users. iPhone XR is a well-made, such drops and accidents not cause any harm to the internal hardware of this mobile. But when you need to change the back glass, you can easily change the rear glass of the mobile by purchasing this rear glass panel and making the phone look same as new and fresh.

    • iPhone XR BACK GLASS REPLACEMENT KIT - 1 OEM quality back glass replacement.
    • CAMERA HOLE - The camera hole is bigger so there is no need to remove the camera and lens prior to back glass installation.
    • ALL CARRIERS - iFyx iPhone XR compatible back glass fits all carriers.
    • QUALITY FIT GUARANTEE - We guarantee a quality back glass with perfect fit or simply return for 100% refund. This back glass model is only fit for the iPhone XR Second Generation Model, and will not fit for other iPhone.
    • INSTALLATION - If you have never replaced a back glass on an iPhone we suggest you watch a few videos before buying! This is NOT a quick and easy repair, consult with a repair specialist.