PopSockets - PopGrip Oil Agate

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  • Description
    • Our durable pop jack is compatible with iPhone, Samsung and any other device, we call "PopGrip" it is anti-drop, allows one-handed use of your device, and the ability to hold your phone wherever you go
    • Small life changers like to call: cell phone holder, phone clip on the back of the phone, hand held phone, or whatever you decide
    • PopSockets are compatible with all Popsocket phone accessories including wallets, cases, mounts, slides and non-Popsocket phone covers
    • Change the style of your PopGrip without replacing the entire grip and replace the top with one of our PopTops. Just press flat, rotate 90 degrees until you hear a click and replace
    • Stick with the glue and reposition as needed. Pop jacks stick best to smooth hard plastic cases (may not stick to silicone, soft or waterproof cases)