Which Phone Cases Provide The Best Drop Protection?

There is no doubt that today’s cell phones are significantly more durable than those of the past. Where older models of smartphones might have cracked or shattered from a drop, newer models can take the same impact unscathed. 

But this false confidence isn’t foolproof! 

The truth is that anytime you drop your phone it’s a gamble whether it will be damaged or not. Investing in a protective phone case is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to ensure your device remains looking as good as new! They protect against scratches, dents, and marks, and more rugged designs can even provide protection against a shattered screen.

With so many phone cases on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one! We know the feeling, you walk into a tech or mobile store and are greeted by a wall of hundreds of cases. 

But, how is one supposed to choose a quality case with so many options?

Look for one that experts have tested!

Lucky for you, there are tons of tech experts conducting research and testing all sorts of electronic accessories to make sure that consumers like you and I can make the best and most informed decisions! 

These tests were conducted by the Good Housekeeping Institute and include everything from drop testing to determine impact resistance to dunking them in water tanks to determine water resistance. Whether you need a phone case to protect your device from day-to-day wear or a rugged case capable of withstanding even the most devastating drops, we’re here to tell you about which are the best protective phone cases.

Now, let’s get into the phone cases!

Otterbox Symmetry Phone Case

Otterbox Symmetry Plus Case for iPhone 12 mini - Sight & Sound Fort Frances

For those of you who have the unfortunate habit of dropping your phone, you really can’t go wrong with a phone case from Otterbox. From the beginning, Otterbox has set the standard for both durability and water resistance. And, each case comes with its signature DROP+ certification, which proves that each case has been tested to withstand countless drops from at least four feet and above!

While earlier Otterbox cases were criticized for being too bulky, the Otterbox Symmetry phone case is both slim and compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. This updated model of the classic Otterbox is perfect for carrying in your pocket!

LifeProof FRE Waterproof Case

LifeProof Fre Google Pixel 2 XL Waterproof Case - Night Lite

If you’re worried about water damage then this might be the case for you! The FRE LifeProof case, which FYI is owned by Otterbox, is designed to protect your phone from water, snow, dirt, and of course drops! It even features a built-in screen protector to keep your screen safe from scratches and cracks. For those of you who enjoy taking your phone boating on the lake or in your jacket as you ski, this case is for you. 

In lab tests, phones outfitted with this case were able to be completely submerged in water at approximately 6.5 feet for over an hour without harm. The only con to this case is that it is a little bit bulky, making it a less attractive choice for everyday use. However, this blog post is about which are the best protective phone cases and when it comes to protection, you can’t beat the FRE LifeProof case. 

Nomad Phone Case

Nomad Rugged Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 Pro - Ultra Orange | JumpPlus

Now we’re onto the bonus phone cases! This Nomad case hasn’t yet been tested in the lab but it’s still worth mentioning. If you’re looking for a sleek and discreet case that’s ‘barely there’ but still protective, then this might be the case for you! The raised edges are designed to keep your screen and camera lenses safe from drops and scratches.

Minimalistic and slim, Nomad claims that their cases are constructed to withstand drops up to 8 feet! They’re also MagSafe, meaning you can go ahead and wirelessly charge with ease! 

Avana Velvet Soft Touch Case

Avana Velvet Case Lavender for iPhone 15 Cases - Walmart.ca

For those of you who love the iPhone soft touch cases, this Avana case is for you! Protective, stylish, and comfortable to carry in your palm, soft touch cases are a great all-around option for everyday use. The reason we wanted to mention this phone case is because of its velvety feeling soft-touch texture! The soft-touch texture gives it the perfect amount of traction to ensure it won’t slip out of your hand unexpectedly. And, with a variety of stylish colorways and a raised lip, this phone case delivers a sufficient amount of protection to the average mobile phone user.

What to Look For When Shopping For a Protective Phone Case

So, what can you take away from this blog post? Well, if you aren’t interested in buying one of the cases we’ve suggested, for whatever reason, there are a few features you can look for when shopping for a phone case! 

Here are four things to look for when shopping for a protective phone case:

  • Durability

The fact is that any phone case will always be better than no phone case! But, when shopping for a case with the objective of maximizing protection, you’ll want to look for a durable design. While some cases prioritize sleek designs that are slim and stylish, others are constructed to withstand serious drops. 

Look for a case that fits snuggly around your phone and features raised edges to protect both the screen and cameras.

  • Materials

Phone cases can be made from a variety of materials. From flexible TPU plastics to rugged and durable PC plastic, and even leather and flexible silicone, there are a lot of options to choose from!

When durability is your number one concern, we recommend PC plastic cases. Although usually on the pricier side, PC plastic is ultra-durable and is also the material that is typically used for the shell of hard-sided luggage. 

  • Compatibility 

This one should be obvious! Don’t try to save a few dollars by using the phone case from your old phone on your new phone. With iPhones especially, the design tends to remain very similar from generation to generation. And, while the differences may only amount to a millimetre or two around the buttons and the camera, an ill-fitting case will not provide your phone with the best protection! Always buy a case that is designed for the model of phone you own.

  • Extra Features

 Lastly, look for extra features like waterproofing or a built-in screen protector. These extra features are what all of the best protective phone cases have! From built-in battery packs to wallets and even pop sockets, think about what features are important to you when shopping for a case!

  • That’s all! Stay tuned for more advice related to tech and mobile devices.